Self-Discipline Reminders

When I start to feel off-balance, it is often because I have begun to skip the activities on my Self-Discipline tactics I am about to list. While I know it is counter-productive, the pattern is so easy to get trapped into. It starts with (a) getting overwhelmed then (b) crawling up on the couch and vegging and then (c) sleep and repeat.

Once I do this for more than one day, I find myself getting stuck and it is very hard to get unstuck – especially with the chronic pain I suffer from. For you, it may be pain as well that stops you or it might be just negative thoughts – which can be just as exhausting.

I am hoping this list will serve as a good reminder of your projected daily goals. You can alter it slightly to fit what works for you. The point is to at least have a list that you can refer to when you start to feel yourself feel off balance. A good tip is to read through them in the morning (out loud) so that the universe can hear your intention. As I have stated before, what you put into the universe usually cycles back around to you.

  1. Wake up on Time (or even earlier). Set an alarm and get up when your alarm goes off. Just by doing that simple task, you are inserting your drive to succeed. It takes self-discipline to get up on time or even early.
  2. Daily Exercise. It does not have to be crazy but MOVE. When we move, we release endorphins which helps with depression and anxiety. My personal goal (beyond daily exercise) is to exercise for thirty min. five times a week.
  3. Eat Healthy. When we eat crap food, we often feel crappy inside. When I am consistent with my macro counting, my energy levels increase and I generally feel happier. You can enjoy a piece of chocolate or a cookie every now and then, but try to watch your overall consumption.
  4. Follow-Through. Self-discipline is often in the follow-through. This does not mean saying yes to everything. What it means is if you do commit to something, try to keep that commitment.
  5. Avoid Temptation. A great way to build self-discipline is to avoid things you know you don’t want. For example, if you know your overall goal is to eat healthy, don’t buy doughnuts.
  6. Show Respect Toward Others. Being kind can have a ripple effect. Control your inner anger/frustration and choose to be respectful toward others, even if they are not that way toward you. Take the higher road.
  7. Personal Growth Time. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes a day to do personal growth, whether that is reading, listening to a podcast, or writing in a journal.
  8. Meet Deadlines, AKA: Don’t Procrastinate. You have to do something? Just do it. Don’t put it off because you don’t feel like it.

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Recommended Companies

The purpose of my blog is to promote a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. As a result, I wanted to denote a specific blog post to brands/companies that I recommend in case you are ever finding yourself in need of resources. For easy access, this blog post will have its own tab on the home page entitled, “Resources”.

To be clear, any brands I recommend (now or in the future) share the same company purpose as I do in helping you transform into your best self – both physically and mentally. In addition, these are companies that I personally use and feel confident in recommending.

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Company: Just Strong
Why? The company’s philosophy is to “empower women to strive for physical and mental strength and to celebrate our success.” Progress not perfection.
How to save? Save 10% using my code. Visit Just Strong. Code: KRISTO10
Perks: Clothing is comfortable and simple.

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Company: ConfinFIT
Why? Corin is not the typical trainer. She works on your mindset, as well as your psychique, crushing myths that cardio and restricting are the way to losing weight. Her unique approach lessened my anxiety and got me excited about fitness again. She creates a macro goal for her clients each week, as well as setting up exercises that work best for your body and goals.
Corin has seen such success in this approach that she is now transitioning into a Business/Mindset Coach.
Follow her on Instagram. Handle: CorinFIT.
Message her directly through Instagram to get started.

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Company: Arbonne
Why? Arbonne has been around for forty years, and since its debut, the company has been focused on transforming lives through pure, botanically based ingredients. Their mission is to “empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.” The company believes in a “holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out.” Their product philosophy was co-developed with holistic medical experts. Their plant-based formulas boast high clean standards and are subjected to rigorous scientific testing. Arbonne remains vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Arbonne’s ingredients go by European standards, which are strict and focused on what is best for the client. They are considered ultra-premium products that are sold for department store pricing, thanks to Network Marketing. They are highly concentrated, which allows you to use a small amount and get more benefit from it. This alone makes the bottles last for a lot longer than most of us are used to, saving us money in the long run.
How to save? Enroll in the Preferred Client program to get 20% off all year and special perks throughout the year. There is no monthly amount you have to buy to keep this, which is what I love. You can use it once and be done.
Other perks: 45 day money back guarantee. Excellent customer service.

How to order? Visit the Arbonne website or message me for more info.

Company: Arbonne and Young Living
Why? Many essential oils you find are not 100% pure. These oils are, which is why they cost a little more. If they are not 100% pure, they are watered down to make it cheaper and you get less of an effect. Essential oils can be used as cleaning products, as a relief for anxiety, basically anything you can think of. It is a great way of avoiding unnecessary chemicals.
To order from Arbonne, click here.
To order from Young Living, click here.

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