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Friends Come and Friends Go

“As I get older, I am becoming more selective of who I consider a friend. I find that I would rather have four quarters than 100 pennies” Unknown One of the hardest things about life is “change”. It is unavoidable and honestly a natural occurrence here on Earth. As you travel throughout the different phases … Continue reading Friends Come and Friends Go

My “Coming Out” Story

“I am gay. I am straight. I am a lesbian. I am bisexual. I am trans. I AM HUMAN.” My story is anything but ordinary, especially when it comes to my relationships and sexual orientation. The most common question I get is, “Did you always know you were attracted to women?” The answer is quite … Continue reading My “Coming Out” Story

Are You Better as Friends?

“Sometimes it’s better for two people, who no longer fit together the way they should, to walk different paths and to wish each other well.” Breaking up is not an ideal situation for anyone. No one wants to hurt and feel like the world is crashing down upon them. I know I certainly didn’t. But, … Continue reading Are You Better as Friends?

Love is the Answer

Memories on Facebook are a reminder of where we have been – sometimes this can bring up a lot of emotions, depending on what the post entails. A year ago, I posted the message below*. Today it showed up and reminded me that no matter what life throws at you, LOVE is always the answer. … Continue reading Love is the Answer

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